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Senior Home Safety Consultants: Your Premier Interior Safety Experts

Turn Your Home Into a Safe Haven

Looking for a professional expert to shed some light on your interior and exterior safety issues and turn your home into one that you can enjoy in your senior years? When you choose to work with us, we listen to your concerns, and are fully committed to making your home a safe and enjoyable interior and exterior environment for years to come. Our goal, as Senior Home Safety Consultants, is to enhance the way you live, by making your living space one in which you have safer physical flexibility of movement and the freedom to move around and conduct your daily living routine in your home to your full potential of healthy living. Contact us today for a consultation.

Our Goal

Enjoying our golden years in our own home is the ultimate goal for all of us. So, it’s important to improve or update any areas that may be hazardous to your personal safety. Everyone's passions and way-of-life differs, so we have been transforming homes in a way that aligns with our clients’ individual needs. We're happy to help you adjust, update, and create a more effective environment for your mature lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today to book a consultation!


Your Home

Your home is your castle and your sanctuary. You shouldn't have to give it up or leave it because of your age.

 As your Senior Home Safety Consultants,

we will help you to continue doing all the things that you enjoy in your own home, like:

Reading to your grandchildren
Senior Dance

*Uncluttering the home's interior to create lots of open space for ease of movement
*Rearranging furniture placement for improved mobility in and through each room.
*Improving lighting for greater visual awareness.
These are only some of the tasks that the Senior Home Safety Consultant is involved with.
The Consultant can tailor a customized interior space just for you, based on your personal needs. Contact us to find out how.

The results of a Home Safety Consultation and acting upon the recommendations of the consultant can create a relaxed, peaceful, and cheerful interior home environment, where all guests feel warm and cozy. The interior space of the home's architecture and furnishings will be made to function at an improved level for it's mature inhabitants. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings. Get in touch with us today, to see how we can improve the quality of your life in regards to your home's interior space.

Gardening with your grandchildren
Flower arranging
Enjoying your pets
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Are you ready for a change?

We're happy to provide you with any information you need.

Book a consultation and start your home's transformation today!


Most people underestimate the importance of continuing family relationships and socialization in the senior years. Nursing homes only provide this with short visitations at appointed times and no freedom to conduct enjoyable activities with loved-ones. This can have a devastating impact on a senior's emotional well-being. A detailed Home Safety Consultation can provide a senior with the positive choice of remaining in their own home and enjoying every moment of their golden years just the way they want to, without the restrictions placed upon them in a nursing home. 

Everyone knows how important your private and personal space is to your general well-being, so why not ensure that it is also a safe environment?

With a Home Safety Consultant's well-planned out modus operandi, the functional features of your home and living space can be made more safe and comfortable for your maturing years. Feeling more secure and comfortable can brighten up your mood, personality, and sense of well-being. Bring out the new you through your space!

Every space has its own personality, and with a few touch ups and the right spatial planning, it can really shine.

Our Senior Home Safety Consultants work with our clients throughout the whole process, and assist them, by bringing their vision of a pleasant, joyous, and carefree life into their reality, with our suggestions and recommendations to provide a safe and functional home environment that is most suitable to their specific needs.

 Find out what we can offer you!

You can continue to socialize with friends and family whenever you please, when you remain in your own home and

Knowing that you can stay safe and comfortable

in your own home, brings great joy and peace-of-mind.


Our Services

Our Senior Home Safety Consultation involves an in-depth analysis of both the exterior and interior of your residence. We will evaluate the exterior and interior of your home for possible safety hazards and suggest solutions to fix them. This will take at least one hour at the minimum, but usually averages two hours to perform. It includes a detailed Safety Evaluation of more than one hundred items, such as your rooms' physical set-up, electrical and lighting details, fire safety, and much more. All rooms, including garages, and outdoor living and walking areas of the property will be inspected and evaluated. A list of safety improvements, fall prevention and suggested modifications will be prepared and reviewed by our Consultant and the homeowner.

If requested, the Consultant will coordinate service providers to modify and improve the home, and provide sources for any assistive items that can help improve safety.


We will help you to lower the possibility of accidents in your home involving falls and other types of injuries, by taking into consideration your medical conditions, such as hearing difficulties, illnesses, decreased mobility, osteoporosis, arthritis, back problems, knee problems, vision problems, etc.

Cost of consultations vary, depending on size of residence.

Low income seniors get a discounted rate.

Depending upon the results of the Safety Evaluation, you may or may not need the services of a contractor, plumber, and/or electrician to make safety improvements and alterations to your home. If the services of these professionals are suggested, the decision to follow through with the services are up to the homeowner.

If the homeowner decides upon utilizing the services of some of these professionals , they may prefer to have the Senior Home Safety Consultant contact and coordinate them, as they may not be willing or able to handle the responsibility themselves. If so, this is an additional service, separate from the Home Safety Consultation, and the Consultant charges for the time spent providing this particular service.


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