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Fresh, innovative and exciting - the recipes created by Silver Spoon Chef are the perfect solution for every culinary need. Take a look at the mouth-watering dishes below, which only touch the surface of the multitude of food creations we offer.

Food Service


o Main course: Lasagna

o Entree: Steak and Cabbage

o Puff Pastry stuffed with

Lemoned and Sugared

Cream Cheese & Ricotta Cheese

Lemon Meringue Pie 

Deserts as well as all our food offering are homemade, and our menus vary, depending upon our clients requirements.

We cook the old=fashioned way. We never use Microwave ovens. We use very few spices, believing that it is much more delectable to experience the taste of the variety of foods you are eating, rather than to mask the taste with spices. 

lemon meringue pie slice.jpg

Get To Know The

Offering a variety of superb services and mouth-watering menus, the Silver Spoon Chef develops menus to suit every client's tastes or needs.

So whether you are a housebound senior, disabled, a vegetarian or meat eater, have a restrictive or special diet, we can plan a menu accordingly. The Silver Spoon Chef is the Private Chef you need. For more information, or to book a service, get in touch today.



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